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Intense Black Phenomenal Mascara (10ml)

Code: FM M006

RRP: £8.99

  • Capacity: 10ml

This 10 ml Phenomenal Mascara Intense Black provides phenomenal results: it lengthens, thickens, precisely separates and curls your eyelashes. It has an advanced formula and an ultra-precise wand that guarantee a panoramic curl effect. The nourishing properties of the mascara are a merit of perfectly matched active substances. An innovative ingredient – peptide derivative – conditions eyelashes, revitalises hair roots and prevents fallout. Natural oils nourish eyelashes, whereas phospholipids and polysaccharides additionally moisturise them. The double power of vitamins C and E has a neutralising effect on free radicals. Specially selected waxes make eyelashes soft and smooth. Polymers facilitate application and make the mascara last long, prevent smudging and crumbling. A specially designed mini-wand coats even the tiniest and most delicate eyelashes as well as creates a swirly, lush and hypnotising look.