18 June 2018

3rd Global Networking Forum - Wroclaw 2018

3rd Global Networking Forum - Wroclaw 2018

The 3rd Global Networking Forum - the largest event in the MLM industry in Poland - has been inscribed on the pages of FM WORLD's history. We sum it up with a smile, full of motivation, inspiration and energy!

The first day – the GNF CONFERENCE - was full of valuable knowledge that could have not be found anywhere else! It is due to the wonderful speeches of our charismatic Leaders - Cláudio Nascimento from Portugal, Viktoria Volchok from Ukraine, Natalia Ryńska from Poland and Fitzgerald Mensah from United Kingdom - who shared their fascinating experience, instructive advice and effective solutions. 

Mutual motivation and support are extremely important values for FM WORLD. However, we always want to go further - we make sure that you can get inspiration also from international authorities of the business world. It was no different this time. We had the honour of hosting and listening to Kevin Hogan - the undisputed expert of persuasion and body language. He revealed to us unusual secrets of influence, he taught as new, wonderful skills and showed other methods of operation that will allow our Business Partners to be even more effective in their work! The conference was also honoured by Marek Kacprzak, Polish journalist and publicist, specialist in the field of public speaking. He was telling us about the importance of emotions in marketing and sales, and through the sport: how dynamics and being in constant motion are important for personal development.

GNF CONFERENCE was also a unique ceremony during which we appreciated your efforts and commitment, speaking about them loudly from the big stage! With great pleasure we have handed our Business Partners the keys to 11 luxury cars, which were prizes for participation in incentive programs "The road to success. Luxury car program "and" Carmotion ". In addition, 22 people have received certificates for achieving the next levels of the marketing plan! During the conference there was also a contest with fantastic prizes - the winners received two one-man invitations to AMG DRIVING ACADEMY and a ticket for two, allowing to participate in the XIV anniversary of FM WORLD in Maldives! Once again, we congratulate all the winners!

After an intense and extremely thrilling GNF CONFERENCE in the evening, it was time for a well-deserved dance party - GNF PARTY! What can we say, just look at the pictures - we had a great time! Wonderful music, unforgettable atmosphere, great people from all over the world - it all speaks for itself.

Sunday's GNF TRAINING has combined business with pleasure. In a picnic atmosphere, our Business Partners could socialise and learn about new products. We could listen to the performance of the world-class haircare expert - Maciej Maniewski! On the stands there were presented new products, such as the highest quality EXCLUSIVE ANTI-AGING INVISIBLE FACE CREAM SPF 50 and EXPERT SUNSCREEN SPRAY FOR KIDS SPF 50, WATERPROOF EYE&LIP LINER in the most fashionable colours this summer or COOLING RELIEF AFTER SUN GEL from the Aloe Vera range. The enormous admiration was strengthened by 6 new, unique NUTRICODE dietary supplements!

Power of attractions, the best products, unique meetings, and all this in the open air on a beautiful, clear day. We could not have imagined a better ending of 3rd GNF! Thank you to everyone who was there with us! See you next year!