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Product Reviews

Welcome to the Tester Programme - Reviewer's Lab!

Here, you'll discover the latest reviews from our fabulous Business Partners, randomly selected for each product focus. Our current product in the spotlight: DECOLLETAGE AND NECK FIRMING SERUM. Our fortunate randomly chosen reviewers received this serum, put it to the test, and shared their comprehensive thoughts on its texture, quality, ingredients, and performance. Dive into their full reviews below to get an in-depth look at their experiences with this product.

Chic Packaging, Clever Design, and Smoother Skin
Product tested: Fontainavie Decolletage and Neck Firming Serum

I absolutely loved the packaging. I thought it looked chic, elegant, and super expensive. The magnetic box made me want to keep the box and also display it. I also thought the design of the tube is so clever as it showing that the cream does just what a filler procedure would do. I loved the gold colour, again this shows expense and wealth. It was really easy to use by removing the cap and pushing the needle down to product the cream. It didn’t come out too fast so you know you wasn’t wasting any product.   There wasn’t a smell to the product which shows it has been made to suit all skin including sensitive skin and natural ingredients. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and suitable for people who speak multiple languages. I feel like the product has made my skin smoother. I would recommend this product to my friends and family who have the same skin concerns.


- Lauren



Radiant Transformation: A Beautician's Verdict on Our Silky Neck Firming Serum
Product tested: Fontainavie Decolletage and Neck Firming Serum

Firstly, the packaging is so luxurious, the gold complementing the green, making it a great gift too.

The actual product looks amazing and also makes it easy to apply daily with the right amount, just simply pressing down on top.

Being a beautician, I was impressed with the ingredients understanding the importance of aqua for hydration, aloe for soothing, argan oil rich in antioxidants for firming & toning the delicate neck area. Along with Dynamic peptides that support collagen production, assisting in firming and lifting sagging skin. Plus, many other great ingredients to lock in moisture and lift and firm!

I used the product every morning after cleansing my skin, applying on the neck and chest (decolletage area for 10 days. It has a silky texture that effortlessly glides onto the skin. Its quick absorption ensures a non-greasy feel which I would say suitable for both day and night use. The serum carries a subtle and pleasant fragrance, adding a touch of indulgence to your skincare ritual without being overpowering.

After incorporating the neck serum into my routine, I noticed a visible improvement in the firmness and elasticity of my decolletage and neck. Fine lines appeared diminished, and my skin felt remarkably smoother, even after the first use, but the daily appearance improved over the 10 days.

Will definitely be recommending to my clients and continue to use myself.

- Sara       



 Instant Magic and Skincare Royalty
Product tested: Fontainavie Decolletage and Neck Firming Serum

Oh, where do I even begin with Fontainavie's Décolletage & Neck Firming Serum? Okay, so, I've been using the FM products for over 10 years, always satisfied, but this time, whoa! FM World just took a giant leap in the realm of body care. When I signed up for the testing program, I had no clue what to expect... and when I received it.. I was in shock.

Positives? Let's roll:

Firstly, no other branded cream or serum has ever pulled off quick results like this. The results are like instant magic – skin hydrated, tight, lifted, and wrinkles vanishing like they just got a magical wand tap. Another big win is the product's formula. I'm usually picky about consistency and stickiness, but kudos to this one for being a quick-absorbing, non-sticky superhero. It spreads easily, leaving no greasy skin, so it's a real bang for the buck.

And can we talk about how posh it looks? Meticulous design, attention to detail, the beautiful shape and colour of the bottle, and that exclusive packaging – it's basically skincare royalty.

Now, for the no-nonsense part – no downsides, really. But if I have to nitpick, the only disadvantage is the size; it's just 10 ml.  But hey, when something works this good, who's complaining?

  - Sylwia     


First Impressions: WOW, the Packaging is Gorgeous!
Product tested: Fontainavie Decolletage and Neck Firming Serum

I was mega excited to try the Decolletage & Neck Firming Serum as a lady in her 40s, slightly bothered by fine lines & wrinkles. First impressions WOW the packaging is gorgeous! Love love love the gold ‘syringe’! The serum itself is light & absorbs quickly into the skin leaving no greasy residue. I used for 10 days, twice a day on my neck and decolletage area. I haven’t used it long enough to see any real improvement but am looking forward to seeing the results after a few weeks!

  - Laura     



Fine Lines Pretty Much Disappeared Over 10 Days
Product tested: Fontainavie Decolletage and Neck Firming Serum

I started using the Fontainavie Infinite Technology Decolletage & Neck Firming Serum daily and have been using it twice a day for just over 10 days. It comes in a luxurious green box with a magnetic clasp. When you open it up you will find shiny gold syringe, don't worry no needles are involved. Over the 10 days my fine lines have pretty much disappeared. My skin texture is a lot smoother and firmer. Not bad for a 53-year-old.

- Teresa




Used this over a 10-day period and I have seen some Fanta results!
Product tested: Fontainavie Decolletage and Neck Firming Serum

The serum is designed to treat the neck & Decolletage from ageing and tighten the skin! The aesthetic Side is fantastic, perfect to showcase & promote from my clinic side. The design is beautiful, golden syringe which twinkles in the light. Directions: 1 press of the pump at the top which a pea-sized amount of cream is released. I rubbed this in my neck and decolletage every morning! It absorbs in the skin very quickly as it's a serum. I used this over a 10-day period and I have seen some Fanta results, my main concern was the lines/creases formed on my décolletage from being a side sleeper. I definitely recommend this product.

- Kayleigh




This really is a Game-changing skincare innovation!
Product tested: Fontainavie Decolletage and Neck Firming Serum

As a busy mum of 3, I don’t have the time or the money for Botox as much as I would like and decided to try this product. It’s quick lifting and left my skin noticeably different from the first application. Its lightweight formula was fast-acting and didn’t leave my face looking or feeling greasy.

I'm 36 and my problem areas are for head and around my eyes, so this is where I use this product, the results have been fantastic l, I didn’t believe this product would be as good as it actually is, as I didn’t expect a cream to be able to lift and smooth as much as it actually does.

Because it’s easily absorbed there’s no waiting around to apply makeup after either! 

This is going to be my payday treat to myself! The way it gives you just the right amount per press down is great for someone heavy-handed like me, as it means I won’t waste any product I’d give this product a 9/10 I absolutely love the packaging, it’s incredible and easy to take in your handbag with you, however, I’d prefer a bigger supply. That’s the only issue I had with it, just would like it to last longer than a month, as for people

Who are using on more areas might struggle to see the month out. 

- Sasha