FIT6 Goal Getters

Key benefits and prizes

Key benefits and prizes

Key Benefits of Joining Fit6 Goal Getters Programme:

  • Focused Health Goals: Start the new year right by choosing from three key goals - Weight Loss (Slim & Trim Transformation), Body Composition (Sculpt and Strengthen), or Nutritional Habits (Nourish and Flourish).
  • Structured Guidance: Step-by-step instructions, dietary and supplement recommendations, and tools for tracking your results.
  • 30-Day Trial: Experience the full spectrum of the programme with a risk-free trial to evaluate its fit for your goals. 
  • Customised Subscription Packages: Choose from Basic, Advanced, or Premium options to tailor your journey.
  • Exclusive Online Community: Gain access to a supportive and engaging Facebook group for motivation, advice, and shared experiences.
  • Diverse Wellness Activities: Participate in 24 unique wellness modules focusing on diet, self-development, motivation, detox, and exercise and more.
  • Expert Webinars: Exclusive sessions with health professionals offering valuable insights.
  • Exciting Prizes: Stand a chance to win a range of prizes including a spa weekend, invitations to special events, an iPhone 14 Pro, and vouchers worth up to £200.
  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with business partners and fellow participants, and be inspired by success stories from previous members.

Ready to transform your life? Join Fit6 Goal Getters Programme today and walk away feeling brand new! Check out our website for more details and success stories.

Win Exciting Prizes

Milestones Prizes

Milestone prizes await the most active, challenge-conquering participants achieving the best results in FIT6 Goal Getters! Your dedication and success unlock exclusive rewards, turning every step into a celebration of your well-being journey.

Each month we will select 1 top performer based on results of tests that cover the month's activities, presented during the weekly meetings. The first month will consist of 3 winners, there will be 8 total Milestone prizes to be won.

Here are the potential prizes you could win:

  • Month 1 - (3 Winners)  -  Free ticket to New catalogue premiere event worth £30
  • Month 2 - (1 Winner ) -  Ultimate Fragrance set of products worth £100 (choice of fragrances and home scents).
  • Month 3 (1 Winner) - Dietary Supplement Set  worth £100.
  • Month 4 - (1 Winner) - Skincare products worth £100.
  • Month 5 - (1 Winner) - Home Products worth £100 
  • Month 6 - (1 Winner)  - Massage for 2  gift card worth £138
  • eovers will be celebrated at the journey's end.

    Grand prizes, the pinnacle of achievement, await those participants with the biggest transformations in the FIT6 Goal Getters programme. Your outstanding achievements and remarkable makeovers will be celebrated at the journey's end.

    To be in the chance to win, you will need to meet and acheive the following: attend weekly meetings, take monthly tests, achieve top scores at each stage and submit correct answers within the quickest time, accumalate points over the period of the course (6 months), fully engage in weekly activities and submitting  content to closed Facebook page including recording daily eating habits.

Here are the potential prizes you could win:

  • 1st Prize (1 prize) - 20th Anniversary invitation to Singapore including ticket,  hotel, and flights for 2 worth approx £3500
  • 2nd Prize (1 prize) - Tech Delight: Win an iPhone 14 Pro worth £1000
  • 3rd Prize Retreat (1 prize) A luxurious weekend at a spa for two worth £500
  • 4th Prize - High Value Voucher - (1 prize) Win voucher worth £250 on all FM products
  • 5th Prize - High Value Voucher - (1 prize) Win voucher worth £100 on all FM products