20 September 2014

FM Cosmetics UK National Conference, London 2014

FM Cosmetics UK National Conference, London 2014


Amazing, inspiring, fantastic, awesome, superb, brilliant, wonderful. These are the words which were used by our Business Partners to describe the 12th FM Cosmetics UK National Conference in London. It was an extraordinary event which will stay in our memory forever.

The event brought together 300+ FM Cosmetics UK Business Partners and guests. Anita Sieniuc, FM Cosmetics UK CEO, conveyed her gratitude to all participants, and congratulated them on the successful and extensive networking which she knows that it would continue going forward widely and dynamically.

Take a look at some pictures, and read about the event through the eyes of someone very special and very close to our hearts, someone who spread the FM passion across the whole UK, whose engagement and determination are just incredible and seem being just inexhaustible, someone without whom we all could not be the way that we are now - the one and only Anita Sieniuc – FM Cosmetics UK CEO.

Where do I start?
There are so many positive emotions going on through my head right now. What a weekend!!!
It started on Friday afternoon when we headed to the Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel. That evening we already could catch up with some FM Business Partners who had also come earlier. The hotel was amazing, like a maze, glamorous decorations, a lot of statues, water in the atrium. Just beautiful.

The FM Staff arrived on Saturday, early morning. I cannot thank them enough for their hard work they put into preparation of this conference, especially Hanna Mieloch and Honorata Szczepaniak who had been preparing for this conference for the long time.

The atrium was amazing, all our products displayed, the 10th anniversary balloons created a nice feeling of the timeline, as well as the picture collages prepared by our graphic designer Monika Wasilewska.

The atmosphere was amazing form early hours when FM Business Partners started to arrive. They were greeting each other, sharing smiles and hugs. What a big FM Family we are.

When I saw the Conference room it brought tears to my eyes. How far we have come. From the first conference, where we had 20 attendants, to the 12th FM National Conference where the stage blew my mind. In that moment when I looked at the stage in the morning, it came to me how we changed as a company, how we grew, developed, progressed in every step.

I was very emotional from the very beginning. When the room filled with all Business Partners and guests, among whom were even guests from Island, Germany, Ireland and Northern Ireland, as well as the whole UK, I felt really proud and at the same time wished more people could have seen this whole progress and journey we showed at this conference. The FM conference started by the first speaker: Lukasz Ogrodnik - Business Development Manager of the FM Group World, special guest from FM Group World. He summed up the last 10 years of the FM Group work.

After his presentation we started a contest for our Business Partners. The contest was won by Lukasz Kujawa who received a special diploma from FM Group World. Congratulations! After the contest I had a pleasure to talk to our Leaders who have been with FM Group for a long time: Roy Strong, Irena Oliver, Loreta Andruskaite, Birute Simkauskiene and Marilynn and David Beavis. I am sure you all know them well from Facebook and other social media, and also from many other trainings. You know their achievements, but many of you didn’t know how they started their journey with FM Group. It was nice to hear their stories. They have shown that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Anything is possible if you believe, you are consistent, and work hard. Pleasure to know you! After the HOT CHAIRS our conference attenders had a chance to listen to our special guest and motivational speaker Mateusz Grzesiak. I hope he inspired you with his speech. He was honest, funny and serious, motivational and gave us some good tips for the future. I hope you enjoyed his presentation.

After lunch there was a time everyone was waiting for, the recognition time. A lot of people wait for that special moment when they can go on the stage and they are recognised for their achievements. This is a special moment for them and for me as well. I love watching people grow, I congratulate each and everyone of you who collected their certificate, not only on the stage but at the registration as well. Remember that we all have to start somewhere. Congratulations to those who collected their certificates for their car qualifications and high levels achieved in FM Group. Special congratulations to Irena Oliver who collected her certificate for the Jasper Start level. I also presented her with a symbolic cheque for 250,000.00 which is an equivalent of her 5 months commission she earned so far by being a Jasper Star. You really have to believe in FM Group. It seriously changes people's lives. Irena came to the UK from Lithuania, she didn’t speak English and used to work in a coffee shop for 250 pounds a month. After 10 years she is the only one in the world who has reached the Jasper Star. You can be next!

What stops you? Only yourself. So believe in yourself and start your amazing journey with FM Group. After recognition we could see a special video from Artur Trawinski, who couldn’t be with us but wanted to be a part of our conference. Thank you, Artur. It was not possible not to hear from Irena Oliver. She is an inspiration to us all. From the moment I met her she gave so much positive energy. After her long journey and her great achievement she hasn’t changed. She is still the same woman I met 8 years ago. Irena you are an amazing woman I am so proud I can work with you and call you my friend.

In the second part of the conference we had a chance to hear some amazing stories. Sharon Howat shared her great knowledge form her social media life. In these days Internet is power and connecting to the world with social media helps us in the business tremendously. Use it wisely!

You had a chance to see the premiere of our next movie: Drip Coffee making, which was followed by Pamela Bass's short speech. She was accompanied by her husband on stage, as she was very nervous going on the stage for the first time in her life. She shouldn't have. She did a marvelous job.

We could also hear an incredible story from Rita Grineviciene. Her confidence transformation is amazing, She told us all how shy she was and how she took her life in her hands. How patient they were with her husband Gediminas with their FM Business. They took all "no-s” on the chin and moved forward. They achieved their goal and set up new for the future. Set your goals now. Without them how do you know where you are going? Start from small goals and dream big! Marcin Wojtaszek - our Corporate Trainer followed Rita's speech. He summed up the FM Cosmetics UK's whole journey. I could again see and reflect on the times which we all could have lived with FM Group. This amazing journey that changed my life completely.

After Marcin’s presentation we could experience live make up presentation on the stage which soon will be uploaded on our YouTube channel. Camilla J Collins, our make up artists, showed you the recent trends and face contouring, which was scary at the beginning but the final result was fantastic! Thank you Diana Simkauskaite for being our model. It was a pleasure to go on the stage and thank everyone who attended the conference. It was a very special day for me as it reminded me the journey I had throughout those years. It wasn’t an easy journey, especially in the beginning, where I had so many obstacles to overcome: no UK credit ability, the negativity, the pressure form others. I believed in the company and in what I was doing. I knew I could change people's lives and I think that is my mission.

I love working with people and I thank all my Business Partners I can work with. Without you we wouldn’t be here where we are now. But you wouldn’t be where you are now without our amazing UK staff whose work behind the scenes is often not noticeable. I thank everyone: Honorata, Hania, Daniel, Marcin W, Marcin Z, Ewa, Monika, Gosia, Kamil, Emil, Liliana, Natalia, Karolina, Pawel, Kacper, Krzysztof, Piotr, Tomasz, and specially I thank Chris who was patient with me from the beginning and stood by me from the beginning.

After the conference we prepared a special evening and Gala dinner. Over 150 Business Partners and guests came to this special event. The room looked outstanding, decorations on the table, the food was spectacular! During the meal courses we could admire dances from Step by Step Dance school. They danced the ballroom and Latino dance. Wonderful and very professional. I also prepared a special surprise for everyone. In the past 2 months I have been taking dance lessons (thank you Bohdan Piotrowski).

I just wanted to show everyone: if you practice, put your mind into it, if you are consistent, you can achieve anything. Maybe my dance wasn’t perfect but I was very proud of myself!

The professional dancers taught the others a few basic salsa and cha cha steps and we all had a ball! The party was extraordinary and we all could celebrate together. What an phenomenal weekend, so many great memories, great new friendships! Here is to another 10 years with FM Group!

Now please let me pack my suitcase and I am flying to Dubai to celebrate the 10th Anniversary with FM Group World founders, Katarzyna and Artur Trawinski, my friends form other countries and leaders form all over the world!

See you all very soon!
Anita Sieniuc
FM Cosmetics UK CEO