19 October 2013

FM Cosmetics UK National Conference, Telford 2013

FM Cosmetics UK National Conference, Telford 2013

On Saturday 19th October, the International Conference Centre in Telford became one of the most energetic places in the UK. FM Cosmetics UK Distributors from Great Britain and beyond gathered for the annual motivational conference to broaden their knowledge and share their experiences. International Conference Centre in Telford gathered over 350 FM GROUP Distributors and their guests.

Anita SieniucFM Cosmetics UK Owner and Director has summed up the year 2012/2013, presented incentive programmes for 2014 and announced that Aurile would reach the UK market soon. Some of the conference attendants had the chance to try the coffee on the same day as several of them won Aurile packets in a prize draw. Anita presented new products for autumn and fall as well.
After Anita's speech, Giediminas Grinevicius, Golden Magnolia, entered the stage and gave a speech about inner motivation and about finding inside the WHYs to keep us keep going.
The next person to give a speech was Silver Magnolia - Leanne Oie - the Queen of perfume party - who touched everyone with her determination to overcome obstacles and setbacks of life.
Marcin Wojtaszek FM Cosmetics UK Corporate Trainer came to the stage twice. He spoke about values of network marketing, advantages of MLM over other types of business activities. He also spoke about non-verbal communication and its significance during business or sales meetings.
Jacinta SmythGolden Magnolia - has brought to our attention a very important point: Who are we and who told us that? She made it clear not to let anyone define ourselves. You’ve got to get to know who you truly are. Jacinta had the chance to give her speech thanks to the entry in our contest we announced long before the conference – BE THE SPEAKER DURING 11th NATIONAL CONFERENCE.
Birute SimkauskieneGolden Orchid - in her speech reflected on how FM has changed her life, how she understood the 'power of dreams', how excited she was seeing her future and travelling with her husband around the world, meeting new people and sharing the FM Opportunity.
Just after lunch we witnessed an extraordinary performance of a tiny man who did not look like anyone we know, a tiny man who made everyone move energetically. He was the winner of the TALENT SHOW Contest we announced long before the conference. After he took off his costume, he shocked everyone with his identity. It was.... Ted Oliver! What a talented performer!

Then recognition started and certificates for achieving new efficiency levels were given to all Distributors from UK and beyond, as a large group of Distributors from Iceland appeared on the stage as well.

Right after all the applause and cheers, David Beavis Amaranth Orchid - talked about the importance of recognising people for their achievements.
The special guest on the 11th FM Cosmetics UK National Conference was the amazing Adrian Webster, one of the most popular motivational business speakers in Europe today. His amazing speech entitled Everyday People, Together Making A Difference left everyone impressed by the power of TNT factor - Tiny Noticeable Things.

After the conference we held an exceptional Oscar Gala where a special movie was played - soon it will have its international premiere. Actors who played in the movie were awarded Oscars by the fantastic jury - Distributors who attended the gala. The evening was even more amazing thanks to opera vocalists who were a great surprise. And then the party started and did not finish until the early morning.

Please check the photo gallery from the 11th FM Cosmetics UK National Conference and read the feedback from those who attended. See you on the 12th FM Cosmetics UK National Conference which is planned to be taking place in London.

See you at the top!



Anita and her amazing team did it again… another magnificent, well organised, well attended, National Conference that even attracted 20 FM leaders from Iceland and several from Africa who flew to the UK just to be part of this wonderful event! Nothing was overlooked – we even had two ladies in front of the stage who were `signing’ for our deaf distributors.

Anita opened the conference by telling us that FM has now grown BY OVER 36% in just 3 years into a £150 million company – that is so impressive! We are so lucky to be with a company of integrity that is growing so fast worldwide; and the UK is leading the world in Registrations – over 14,000 people have joined us in the UK and Ireland this year alone!

All of our speakers were great – sharing ideas, experiences, stories of success, aspirations and even deep emotions with us all. It was great to see the joy and enthusiasm in the hall for the whole of the day as, speaker by speaker, we were enthralled.

Immediately after lunch we had a surprise entertainment spot – a long-haired midget with Elton John glasses danced and mimed to Tiny Tim’s “Tip Toe Through The Tulips”! it turned out that this hilarious guy was actually our own Ted Oliver on his knees with a wig on - to say this was funny was an understatement!

Anita said, FM represents “Family Member” and this was never shown more clearly than when we in the UK had the great privilege of even seeing our Icelandic family members also being recognised on the stage alongside our own UK members. This made me very proud to be part of such a big and magnanimous family called FM.

The Gala Dinner in the evening saw 150 distributors dressed for the occasion but none of us expected the real reason this was called `Oscar Night’. Anita and her amazing and crazy staff had a black & white film made which was hysterical. All of the staff were included in this hilarious film and at the end we had voting sheets for the best actors, actresses, etc but to me they were all winners. This film will soon be available to view on YouTube so watch out for it!

Then the `Gala Dinner Manager‘ introduced us to the female chef who was leaving after this event. She asked if she could sing a song … and she was amazing! Then we found out that she and the `Gala Dinner Manager’ were actually there to entertain us! Great stunt Anita!

After our wonderful meal we danced the night away.

The FM opportunity is more than just a way to make money; it is a meeting place where like-minded people can join together to help and support each other whilst having fun with friends and colleagues from all over the world.

I’ll certainly drink to that… with Aurile, of course!

Stephen Bourne

Thank you all very much for a wonderful conference at the weekend. It was the best one yet, very professionally done with loads of fantastic training from Marcin, Gediminas, Leanne, Jacinta, Birute, David, Marilynn, Adrian and of course yourself too Anita.

Seeing so many new people being recognised for their achievements (Ewa as always did an excellent job on stage), hearing that the UK is now the fastest growing distributor base in FM and all the excitement of the different teams sharing ideas and partying together is so inspirational. The movie was very funny and showed what a great sense of humour all the staff have.

Roy Strong

Thank you for putting on an amazing conference and entertainment at the FM Conference on Saturday. Really enjoyed listening to the speakers. Paul Palmer done a wonderful job as the compare, Great finishing touches to the Oscars theme night with the photographer, stars and short film made by the FM crew with oscar's brilliant!

The short film shows what a great personality Anita has to think of doing that the staff are amazing. It was a wonderful feeling of pure excitement. We are proud to be part of FM. A massive well done!

Marilynn & David Beavis

Absolutely amazing day and night...its a privilege to part of such an amazing team and our FM family. Met some great people from all over...entertainment was great... thank you FM..Can't wait for the next one xxx

Farhat Mohamed Ahmed

LOVED it and cant wait for the next one! We will all be taking over the stage!! X

Rachelle FM Burton

A fantastic day and evening of awesomeness and I cannot wait for London next year. Gutted to have to wait another whole year!!!!! I will be collecting my new level certificate on stage then instead!

Rachel Nicolau

I had a fantastic time even better than last year :) I felt so proud to be part of a great company. Loved getting on stage to get my award and I learnt a lot too as always at FM events :) the evening was very well planned and the food was lush :) I will be with lots of my team next year in London. Can't wait!

Naomi FM Kebbell

Fab day all round! Loved the Oscar style evening event! Gutted I came away empty handed but watch this space I will sweep the board next year.

Leanne Oie

Great day and night! What more to say really... all entertainment provided was brilliant, I like that it was so different and unusual. The daytime training was great really inspirational and motivational. Glad to hear it will be in London next year as well! See you there with a trainfull of team members with me!!

Sophie Madder

First I would like to thank you for a fabulous weekend at the conference. I had a fantastic time and it was really lovely to see so many of you.

Deborah Bellwood

I would like to say what a fantastic Conference one of the best i have been to! We had such a fun weekend it was amazing - thank you to Anita and Everyone who put a lot of time and effort into it! Looking forward to the next one.

Belinda Dowson

What a fantastic weekend - it was truly amazing and enjoyed by so many, and was great to see you again :) Big thanks to Anita and all of you guys for the long hours and hard work put in, it really is appreciated !!!

Sharon Howat

Wow! Without a doubt this FM Conference was the best yet! From the moment you walked into the Conference room with the upbeat music playing it was uplifting and exciting. Looking around the room there were people already jigging along to the music which built up the anticipation of the day. We were not to be disappointed either.

Anita herself opening the event and spending more time talking to the Distributors with information of how the UK office was growing and supplying facts and figures was fantastic. Then introducing some NEW products that are due to be added to the Cosmetics range and obviously introducing the Aurile business to everyone was just brilliant and fun! Ending the day with Adrian Webster was a true inspiration, he was funny, witty, poignant and certainly got his message across to all.

All in all I know I can speak for our team members that were there that Saturday was a major success. Time just flew by so quickly. I know for a fact from the messages that I have received from the team members who attended that it has inspired them and some have already re-set their goals for the next 12 months.

The day in all was fantastic and the evening so much fun!! WELL DONE TO ALL OF YOU!! I look forward to the next one ! I can’t believe we have to wait another year!!

p.s. There were guests amongst our team too on Saturday who were blown away by the event and kept asking ‘When can we Sign up’ especially when they saw all the recognition with certificates, rewards of holidays, laptops and cars. They were both signed before they went home! Well Done FM! Another great success!

Lynne Shingler

Thank you so much FM. The conference and gala dinner were absolutely amazing it gets better every year. The speakers were fantastic we really enjoyed the motivational speaker at the end and also Ted Oliver doing his fun and very talented show.

Leanne Oie really did make you realise that FM is for normal average people wanting to make a difference to their lives and Jacinta Smyth made you realise that it's about helping others succeed too and together people from all backgrounds really can make FM a success regardless of each person’s goals or aspirations. The gala dinner was fun and very well organised and presented, again with more suprises we all danced the night away Oscar style till early hours of the morning. Looking forward too seeing how you can top this years next year, see you all there in 2014.

Vicky Austin

The conference was very informative with some magnificent speakers, the Oscar-themed gala dinner was incredible, the food was amazing as was the entertainment, I really can't wait for the next 1 in 2014, thank you so much Anita and her crazy team.

Craig Austin

Just a short note to say I really enjoyed my conference. Thank you to the whole team who put it together. I'm now looking forward to building my FM business and without doubt telling my group they must not miss the next conference.

Glenn Khan

What a fantastic conference! It was brilliant to see so many of our team up there collecting recognition.

Justina Hamilton

It was lovely to finally meet you all on Saturday. Paul had told me what a great crowd you all were. It was nice to see you all having so much fun. As you know this the first FM Conference that I have been to and I learned so much and enjoyed the whole day.

Jill Palmer