6 November 2018

FM World UK National Conference, Telford 2018

FM World UK National Conference, Telford 2018

On 20th October 2018 we had the enormous pleasure to welcome you to the FM World UK National Conference!

The International Centre in Telford filled up with almost 700 FM World UK Business Partners and their guests for our biggest celebration and motivational event ever!

Not only did we celebrate the superb achievements of our Business Partners, but also launched the fabulous FIT6 Weight Loss Programme in the UK.

The success of FIT 6 was proved by the testimonials of those who took part in our trial group and showed their results on the stage.

It was also an incredible feeling listening to our CEO Anita Sieniuc, who shared the highlights from the past 12 months in the FM World UK. It has been an amazing year for us:

◾40,000 have joined FM World UK
◾Almost 1 million bottles of perfume sold
◾1 New Amethyst Star
◾6 New Golden Orchids
◾16 New Amaranth Orchids
◾46 New Pearl Orchids
◾47 Business Partners have qualified for the Car Incentive Programme

We learnt so much from the invited guest speakers: Lídia Marrão the creator of the FIT6 Programme, the amazing Frazer Brooks and the legendary Tom “Big Al” Schreiter! The knowledge we gained from them is truly invaluable. Also, thank you to Buffy and Darren Hartland, Margarita Rudzinskiene, Alison Reed and Beverley Hunter, Sarah Cartwright and Jo Skipsey for sharing their inspirational stories and Sarah Holden, who made sure we stayed uplifted throughout the whole day!

After the conference, we held an exceptional Gala Dinner, a fabulous evening of great entertainment and marvellous opportunity to network, relax and socialise! We were extremely happy to be able to welcome at the Gala the owner of the FM World – Artur Trawinski who greeted everyone and congratulated us all on the astonishing accomplishments! The evening was even more amazing thanks to the Casino Royale theme which gave the party a truly unique touch of 007 movies - even "James Bond" visited in person and looked very busy posing with the guests. Plus we had an exceptional service during the dinner provided by the unique team of very (un)helpful comedy waiters who made sure we were smiling from ear to ear. Thanks to great entertaining songs from Jonny Awsum, one of the more memorable contestants appearing on Britain's Got Talent, we had a fabulous start to the actual party and then we hit the dance floor and carried on partying until 1:00 am!

Let's bring back some of the special moments from that day - here is a flashback from the event that everyone is STILL buzzing about!