13 June 2015

International Motivational Training, Wroclaw 2015

International Motivational Training, Wroclaw 2015

On 13th June 2015, participants of “FM LIFESTYLE” International Motivational Training showed to people of Wroclaw how much the colourful FM GROUP world differs from reality of an average person! Every participant began their Saturday morning with an aromatic Aurile coffee, all ladies were delighting with their make-up created with FM GROUP Make Up cosmetics, and the air in Wroclaw was filled with the most beautiful FM Federico Mahora scents. Spectacular Mercedes car parade drew attention of all drivers and pedestrians in Wroclaw: “With Mercedes for Success” Incentive Programme Laureates took over Wroclaw’s roads showing what driving comfort really looks like.

Artur Trawinkski, FM GROUP Owner, accurately summed up all the features of lifestyle offered by FM GROUP, among others: financial independence, working for oneself in suitable hours, pleasure of using FM GROUP products and meeting exceptional people. His speech was rewarded with huge applause from those who enjoy this lifestyle everyday.  

The main theme of this year’s training was “FM LIFESTYLE”. Almost 2,500 FM GROUP Business Partners gathered on Mars Fields in Wroclaw proved that FM GROUP is not only business, but also a lifestyle chosen by thousands of people around the world. It took quite a while for the hosts to welcome all participants of the training. Greetings were sent from the stage to the guests from Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic and Slovakia, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Lebanon, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Romania, Spain and Portugal, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, and of course, Poland.

Attractions during the meeting were countless! All participants learned FM LIFESTYLE SONG that they sang along with Gospel Joy choir in four languages. The lyrics of the chorus: The sweetest fragrance, magical joy, imagination, freedom and quick progress, Make others happy, may dreams come true, passion and lifestyle – that’s FM GROUP were repeated even in Lithuanian!


By creating a huge FM GROUP Human Logo, Business Partners proved again that there are no things impossible! The great logo was filmed by camera in a drone, which proves that FM GROUP Business Partners create this company!

Training and Consultant Stands proved very popular. Business Partners eagerly broadened their knowledge on products and the business. Several dozen ladies presented make-up created by FM GROUP Make-Up Artists. A cloud of perfume floated by the perfume bar, and consultant point with skin tests was full at all times. The part of the tent where FM GROUP For Home products were presented, delighted with realistic image of a home interior where everyone could see how effective our cleaning products are. The training participants gained knowledge on the international sponsoring possibilities, also discovered the tasty recipes on Aurile teas and coffees in the Relaxation Zone.


Emotions were aroused by, among other things, numerous competitions – many thanks to everyone who took part in them – especially Roy Strong as the winner of FM GROUP World International Cooperation Quiz, and Emma Davy-Wells laureate of Your FM Lifestyle Photo Contest. They both were awarded with the ‘Book of Scent’ with the signature from Artur Trawiński, the owner of FM GROUP. On top of that Emma won a ticket for the FM GROUP Poland Meeting with Michael Strachowitz, and Nancy and Don Failla, held in November 2015! See the winning photo HERE

“FM LIFESTYLE” International Motivational Training will surely go down in history as one of the most colourful and the most interesting FM GROUP trainings! View the gallery of this amazing event.

See you next year! (more details in the Upcoming Events Section).