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Contour Kit

Code: ZT1

RRP: £12.90

  • Capacity: 6.6g

Irreplaceable trio for professional face contouring: contouring powder, bronzer and highlighter. Harmoniously matched colours, which allow to contour the shape of your face, emphasise its assets and conceal imperfections.

- includes ingredients reducing the effect of oily complexion 
- in an elegant cassette with a mirror

  • The kit consists of three parts:
  • Highlighter – brings out, and perfectly emphasises the central part of the face. It gives the skin glow, reflects the light, and conceals imperfections.
  • Contouring Powder – creates the impression of shadow and will emphasise cheekbones.
  • Bronzer – strengthens the effect of contouring, gives the skin the shade of natural, healthy tan.