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Large Palette

Code: 608102

RRP: £9.50

  • Collection: Mix & Match

Choose, match, mix and replace! With Mix & Match you have the utter freedom of choice of the cosmetics you’ll place in your palette! Eyeshadows, eyebrow powders, blushes, powders, highlighters – choose your favourites to create your dream set. The Palettes are comfortable, ecological and extra safe with the magnet locks. You’ll be using them forever!

A large palette offers endless cosmetic combinations. You can fit in it: 

● 2 Powder Inserts
● 4 Blush Inserts 
● 8 Eyeshadow Inserts
● a mix of them. 

Enjoy mixing and matching your favourite makeup inserts and create a perfect travel kit!
Inserts are available to purchase separately! 


Product Catalogue No.34

Product Catalogue No.34