22 October 2018

Beneficial hibiscus

Beneficial hibiscus

Hibiscus Sabdariffa is the most common form of hibiscus. This is a plant, the extracts of which are widely used in food supplements supporting slimming, as well as in teas - in its form, its diuretic effect is higher, because the active substances are consumed with a lot of water.

Research indicates that hibiscus reduces the absorption of carbohydrates, reduces appetite and promotes fat burning. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy and are found in food products such as: cereals, bread, sweets, tubers, fruits. Reducing the body's ability to absorb them results in weight loss, because if the carbohydrate content in the diet is already low and is still partly "blocked", this nutrient is deficient. If the body does not get enough energy in food, it will have to use reserves, and our energy reserves accumulate in cells called adipocytes. This is nothing else but just fat!

Of course, you will see the results if you combine this with plant extract or tea, used in combination with a diet with a restriction of carbohydrates.

Decreased appetite is associated with hydroxycitric acid present in hibiscus. This prevents cravings, eliminating the feeling of uncontrollable hunger. It is therefore one of the plants that deserves to be well remembered if you want to lose weight. It is present in our Aurile HARMONY tea.

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