My life, as a dietitian, revolves around helping people to lose weight. So far I have worked with the methods in which I believed in, but there were things in them that could be improved from my point of view. Things that could benefit my patients, especially when it comes to health. I had an idea, but it was necessary to refine the diet and find the right nutritional supplements that would meet my expectations. One day I came across Nutricode ... and so the FIT6 Programme was created. 

FIT6 consists of 6 different consecutive stages, of which the WEIGHT LOSS stage is divided into 4 large phases. Participants begin with the 1st STAGE, which aims, besides shedding unnecessary pounds, to reduce the body's inflammation, as well as improve well-being and overall health.

They then move to the 2nd STAGE and start the 4-phase weight loss stage. The toning stage (stimulation of muscles to facilitate their growth) is applicable when we have to reduce a lot of pounds or deal with a long-lasting weight loss process. Once the goal has been achieved, we go to MAINTAINING PHASE, or a balanced diet, which will stabilise the weight for a long time, preventing the yo-yo effect.