22 October 2018

6 Stages towards a perfect body

6 Stages towards a perfect body

Every stage takes one month. You continue the diet for as long as you like and for how much weight you wish to lose! The more weight you want to lose, the more steps you need to take. You can stop the diet at any stage!


  • An improper diet leads to body inflammation. In the first stage your body will return to its natural balance.
  • The objective of the first stage is not only to lose weight, but also to cleanse your system and detoxify your body, as well as to improve your well-being and your health condition


  • This stage is divided into 4 stages.
  • The objective of this phase is to lose fat, while maintaining energy and vitality.
  • Thanks to NUTRICODE supplements, you will support your body by providing it with key nutrients.
  • Further detoxification and cleansing contribute to your well-being.
  • You will retain muscle, which helps to keep the body firm.
  • You will successively lose excess weight.
  • Cellulite will become less visible.
  • In this stage you will stimulate your muscles to grow.


  • The goal is achieved! During this step, you are on a balanced diet that will guarantee that your body weight stabilises for a long time, preventing the yo-yo effect.