22 October 2018

About weaknesses, or why do we give up?

About weaknesses, or why do we give up?

In my dietitian's practice I often see that patients give up!

I believe that this is related to motivation ... or rather ... to the lack of motivation!

The weight loss process is demanding. Its basic element is strong will. It's the ability to not give up in the worse moments. It's the ability to find that voice in you that in the hardest moments will tell us "you can do it", "go", "do it"!

To be able to help, you need to understand what makes people go to the dietitian's office.

So the question is: "Why do you want to lose weight"?

Imagine that I have 5 patients and the answers are as follows:

  1. "Because I don’t feel good with myself"
  2. "Because I don’t like to see myself like this"
  3. "I'm not attractive to my husband"
  4. "They say I'm fat"
  5. "Because the doctor recommended it"

Do you know which of the 5 people have the best chance of not giving up?The first and the second. Do you know why? Because they are doing this for themselves!

Others can, at a later stage, get motivated when they feel better as a result of losing weight. But if there is no proper motivation, these patients will most likely give up or will have a problem maintaining the results.

Slimming is a process of transforming the person and the life of that person!

We must do this for ourselves! If we don’t, we will always find excuses.

The effort we put in finding excuses is greater than the effort we put in exercise... Think about it!

Find your motivation and we will find a solution!