22 October 2018

Keep your hunger under control, following these 5 rules!

Keep your hunger under control, following these 5 rules!

Managing hunger is one of the main challenges for those who want to lose unnecessary pounds.

Sometimes it comes to the point where you lose control so much that you don’t even know that you are eating. This is the so-called ”wolfish appetite”, which is characterised by an almost unmanageable feeling of hunger.

Even if during the day you can manager you hunger and be on diet when evening comes - a wolf emerges from the darkness...

What tricks can you use to manage this problem?

1. Increase the amount of protein consumed during the day

  • Especially for dinner. It is important to get to the end of the day without feeling hungry by eating the right amount of meat/fish for dinner. Always chose light meats without the skin and use natural spices (aromatic herbs, garlic, salt, oil).
  • Eat egg whites as a snack. Eggs contain the right amount of excellent quality protein that is easy to digest. They give you the feeling of being full, but not heavy and do not provide the body with carbohydrates. You can prepare them sweet and salty, depending on your preferences. In omelettes, quiche, as marshmallows, meringues ... (of course without added sugar or flour!)

2. Use the correct spices

  • Cocoa and cinnamon - these magic powders will make you lose weight in the blink of an eye. In addition to thermogenic properties, our brain associates these aromas with sweets. They are the response to a craving for sweets, especially when you drink coffee. Try adding cocoa or cinnamon to your daily cup of coffee.

3. Eat valuable nutritional supplements, vitamins and minerals

  • Some nutritional supplements contain extracts from plants/vitamins/minerals that help increase well-being, the feeling of satiety or curb your appetite. They work in different ways, but the final result is to reduce the feeling of hunger.
  • Glucomannan: contained in SLIM EXTREME. Glucomannan is a soluble fibre. It gels in contact with water, it is not digested or absorbed in the process of digestion and that's why it fills the space in the stomach. When you sit down at the table, you feel less hungry, and the volume of nutritional products necessary to make you feel full is smaller.
  • Vitamins from the B group: being part of SLIM EXTREME and VITALITY BOOST. They affect on the metabolism of tryptophan - the precursor of serotonin - a hormone of well-being. The tendency to seek hunger-related relief (emotional hunger) is lower. In addition, these vitamins are involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and help fight fatigue.
  • Vitamin D: one of the most important vitamins. It plays a key role in general well-being and hunger management.
  • Chromium: is part of SLIM EXTREME and VITALITY BOOST. Chromium helps manage hunger as it reduces the probability of glycemia. In other words, it helps to maintain a more stable blood sugar level and, consequently, a stable insulin level. In this way you can avoid the feeling of uncontrollable hunger and gluttony.

4. Drink water

  • Don’t do this because of the place it takes in the stomach, due to the fact that it is absorbed very quickly. Water should be drunk because we can easily confuse the feeling of thirst with hunger. In other words - it's our brain that makes mistakes and sends us the wrong message. We have repeatedly stated that by drinking water, we lose our appetite and the need to snack ... and it turns out that it was only thirst! The feeling of hunger is manifested in an empty stomach, not a desire to eat something. Thirst can also evoke the feeling that "something is missing".

5. Control your anxiety

  • In anxiety we search, subconsciously, for relief. And this relief is almost always ... food! This is something that we have almost always at hand. Therefore, I recommend that you try to get over the state of anxiety. Live for the moment! Physical activity helps, as does reducing stimulants, e.g. coffee. Some teas, such as valerian, passion flower (passiflora), chamomile, lemon verbena and lime, will also help.