22 October 2018

Quick and easy snacks

Quick and easy snacks

The Programme participants often lack ideas for traditional snacks that could be implemented into their diet. They only use the suggested recipes from our blog, while they can be far more creative and create their own, original meals. Here's our good advice - analyse the list of products allowed at the stage of the diet where you are now. Then choose what you feel like having and think what you can prepare from the available ingredients.

We have some simple ideas for you:

Muffins with vegetables or ham

Open eggs. Season them with salt, pepper and mustard, set aside. Place the chosen ingredients in small baking trays, for example: small diced tomatoes, chopped spinach and Parma ham (according to your taste). Season the filling with aromatic herbs and/or garlic. Pour in the previously prepared eggs. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until the eggs are ready and turn a golden colour.

Pizza (based on egg or oat proteins)

The recipe can be found here. If you are at the stage where eating cheese is allowed, add it to your pizza.

Soufflé with vegetables, ham, smoked salmon, tuna, chopped meat or fish

Boil the quinoa, then grind. Add olive oil and salt. Thoroughly whisk the egg yolks, mix with parmesan (if allowed at this stage) and vegetables (or any allowed ingredient you want). Put the eggs in a baking dish, add the remaining ingredients. Preheat the oven to 180°C and bake for 15 minutes.

Proteins omelettes with herbs or vegetables, ham, smoked salmon, tuna, chopped meat or fish

Whip egg whites, season with salt, pepper, chives. Add the selected ingredients and fry in a pan without fat or on a bit of olive oil.

Salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, radish and peppers

Mix all the ingredients, season to taste.