23 November 2018



Once you have reached your goal, you will move on to the last step of the program – MAINTENANCE.

It doesn't matter at which stage you are.

What is important is that you have reached your goal!

During this MAINTENANCE stage we want to gradually prepare your body for all kinds of food products. Our main goal is to make the body more "tolerant", so that we can use less restrictive rules of nutrition and stabilize your weight without the yo-yo effect!

During the last stage, the intake of dietary supplements is also gradually reduced, or weight loss agents are replaced by multivitamins. The aim is to avoid body swelling and fluid retention in your system to normalise its metabolism.

The weight can stabilize for several weeks. It is normal that it fluctuates slightly up and down during this time.

NUTRICODE food supplements are allowed at the TRICODE stage:

- VITAMINS FOR HER - for young, active women

- VITAMINS FOR HER 50+ (support health and alleviate troublesome symptoms of menopause) - for women over 50 years of age

- VITAMINS FOR HIM (benefits sexual performance) - for men

In case of swelling caused by excessive retention of fluids in the body*, use:

- INNER BALANCE - essential for maintaining the acid-base balance of the body


 Check HERE if this problem also applies to you.